What is it?

phpExec is a simple tool that uses eval function to execute your php code right in the browser. as a php developer sometimes you need to test a small piece of code. Using phpExec is easy. you can either put it somewhere within your local web server or just run the php phpexec serve command to run it using php built in web server.

How to use it?

Simple! clone the repository and run composer install. phpExec requires symphony console component. check phpExec github page to download or clone the repository.


Include your own files.

Run php phpexec make:include in your command prompt before running the server. it will generate a folder and a file named includes. put your own files within the folder and require them within the includes.php. easy as that.


Latest commits and builds are available in the github page.

Libraries used to build this app:

Check for tutorials I've posted of using phpExec on my blog