Mahdi Hazaveh
Engineering Team Lead / Senior Developer

I am a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and blogger with over a decade of experience in various IT domains. My expertise includes full-stack development, web and mobile (hybrid) applications, and Linux system administration, and DevOps.

Work Experience

METRO Markets GmbH
- (2022-Current)
Engineering Team Lead
Stack: PHP, Laravel, Pubsub, Freshdesk, Genesys Cloud, VueJs, Kubernetes
  • Develop Highly Scalable Laravel Microservices to process realtime customer support enquiries and provide data enrichment
  • Use of agile methodologies and best practices to deliver high-quality software in a fast-paced environment
  • Mentored and coached junior engineers, conducted code reviews and performance evaluations, and fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Collaborated with product managers, designers, and stakeholders to define the requirements and scope of the customer care tooling projects
  • Implemented integrations with IVR solutions for real time customer identification
  • Implemented/Maintained Microservices providing communications between customers and sellers in Marketplace environment.
METRO Markets GmbH
- (2019-2022)
Software Engineer
Stack: PHP, Symfony, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Mongo, MySQL, Docker, GCP, Java, Redis, Pub-sub
  • Develop & Maintain Symfony based Microservices
  • Integrate METRO AG OAuth SSO in the Online Store
  • Working with Checkout and Payment related Micro Services
  • Implement 3D Secure Checkout Flow
  • Research and experience with Apache Kafka & Stream Processing Apps for Realtime Data Processing & ETL.
AGA Touch Sdn. Bhd.
- (2015-2019)
Head of Infrastructure & Security
Stack: PHP, Laravel, Vue, HTML & CSS, ElasticSearch, Mongo, MySQL, Docker, VMWare
  • Lead Architect & Backend Development of Multipurpose Single Sign On Service "Senintel".
  • Develop Rest API's for Mobile Clients & Desktop Applications
  • Backend Development for Data Collection & Collaboration Software
  • Develop serveral Data Crawler solutions (Web Cralwers/API Crawlers)
  • Architect & Configure Networking of our Infrastructure
  • Deploy & Maintain Elasticsearch Instances for Production on Docker
  • Deploy & Maintain MongoDB/NEO4J Production Instances
  • Deploy & Configure Phabricator
Empinet Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
- (2015-Current)
Stack: PHP, Laravel, Vue, Codrova, Elasticsearch, Docker, Jenkins, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL
  • Design & Develop and Deploy Customized Software Solutions to Clients
  • Hybrid Mobile (Android/iOS) Application Development
  • Provide Server Configuration & Optimization Services
  • Provide Cloud Hosting Services to Clients
  • Provide Cloud/Web Migration Solutions such as Application Migration, Email Migration
  • Configure Domain Controller & Network Configuration to Clients
  • Recover Compromised Websites, Follow the attack traces, Find the Vulnerable Service & Scripts
MyEz Life Sdn. Bhd.
- (2013)
Web Administrator
Stack: PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Wordpress
  • Develop Student Portal For Targeted Universities
  • Configure & Maintain Company's Webservers & Web Services
  • Design & Develop Rest API to integrate with Embedded Devices
- (2011)
Stack: PHP, CentOS, HTML, Bash, Perl
  • Setup & Configuration of Linux Hosting Servers
  • Deploy & Maintain Xen based Virtual Private Servers
  • Deploy & Maintain VMWare Esxi Based Virtual Servers
  • Setup & Configure ConfigServer Firewall (CSF)
  • Do Technical Support (Help Desk) For Hosting Services Clients


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Computer Forensics)
Asia Pacific University (APU) / KL, Malaysia
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Staffordshire University / UK

Projects / Other Experience

Ultimate Collaborative Bookmark Manager made for Teams and Groups. Linkinized is designed to increase your teams efficiency by saving you time looking for Links within your organization.

a browser extension that enables Youtube commenting when it is disabled. see

Random Member

Free to use Slack application to randomly pick a member of a channel. visit: Twitter Follower Exchange Platform

Fully Automatic Follower Exchange Platform, where users can boost their followers number daily.

GoTow: Smart Towing Management System

GoTow is an all in one towing management solution which handles entire operations of a Towing company in a Single Web Application Solution. It consists of components for Admin, Billing, Customer, Customer Support and Job Management. GoTow is being used by known towing services providers in Malaysia. GoTow also comes with a Companion Android App which connects mechanics & drivers to their Employer Towing Company, They receive jobs right in their mobile phone.

NaiOchi - Voice Enabled Dating Application

NaiOchi (available at was one of the biggest personal projects I've ever worked on. NaiOchi was a mobile dating application that aimed to embrace the power of voice recognition to Mobile Dating. Technologies used: Redis, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, VueJS, Cordova.


We needed to quickly change our dns servers for more than thousands of hosts within our cloudflare account, made a tool to do this leveraging cloudflare's API. I've open-sourced this tool & you can find it on my Github.


I made mySQLToes while I was working on a task in my company to index more than 13 million rows of mysql data into elasticsearch. I had to make this job done within a short period of time on our customer servers. I published the tool on github. However I did not have enough time to maintain it, the code remain compatible with elasticsearch 2.

APIIT Social

APIIT Social was a Social Network based on Buddypress build exclusively for Asia Pacific University Students. I was able to hack my way into making an integration with university's existing systems and bring attendance and timetable into my system. On the 3rd day of launch I managed to serve more than 16k page visits. Unfortunately the project died after I did not receive enough support from the university's technical team.


Also Used

Kubernetes Python Ruby Slim Framework phpUnit Git Node Angular Redis Elasticsearch Sqlite Postgresql/Greenplum CouchDB Ionic Framework Framework7 Nativescript Ansible Jenkins TeamCity AWS EC2 & S3 AWS SES Nginx Apache Apache Kafka Sendgrid & Mailgun Vagrant VMWare Xen OpenVZ pfSense WireShark Metasploit Framework



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Work Philoshopy

I have a strong drive and a constant thirst for improvement. I approach every task with curiosity and creativity, always looking for better ways to solve problems. I'm not afraid to take initiative and learn new things, and I embrace diverse perspectives and methods, even developing my own frameworks when needed.